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Women Empowerment Program

Our empowerment programme is designed to cultivate personal and practical skills to improve women’s relationships and self confidence.


Workshops: Weekly workshops build awareness, creativity, and community within a safe space that encourages experimentation, reflection, and growth. Within these workshops, we explore broad topics ranging from communication and teamwork, to climate change and identity. As we enhance our perspectives and gain knowledge, we uplift one another as a community. We cover topics such as teamwork, conflict resolution, problem solving etc.


Awareness Raising Seminars: Knowledge can be the most powerful tool to encourage widespread change. To raise awareness and inspire action, KEP informs about some of the challenges facing our world today, from the ethics of the textile industry to environmental impact to international labour rights. 


Language Courses: KEP is a fundamentally multilingual and multicultural organisation. To encourage success and foster effective communication, KEP offers language instruction in both Turkish and English. 


Child Program: KEP also provides childcare! To ease outside demands and encourage program participation, we offer daily care and creative play to young children of the mothers in our program. While women are participating the training or being part of textile production, their children are looked after in our childcare.