A glance from our sunny manufacturing room :) We produce with ethics and joy! 

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KEP Social Enterprise

Our enterprise offers a unique green and ethical textile production. Graduates of our program collaborate with international companies and designers to ethically produce textile products while simultaneously generating income and continuing their personal development.


KEP facilitates the unity between these organisations and our production team within our facilities, allowing us to implement our ethical and environmental vision.


From using rainwater, solar energy and recycled fabrics to ongoing educational programs, our system provides long lasting support while inspiring positive environmental impact, serving as a model to other organisations of all that can be achieved under one roof. 

At our core, KEP is deeply committed to sustainable and ecologically conscious practices.

  • Operations are carried out with a commitment to anti-discriminatoin, environmental consciousness, gender equity and workers’ rights

  • Women work 6 hours a day, 4 days a week

  • All profits support women and their futures. Earnings are equitably distributed to the production team and to the NGO to fund further programs.

  • Materials are sourced entirely from the Izmir region, reducing our carbon footprint.

  • Solar panels are used to generate electricity for sewing machines.

  • Rainwater is collected for ironing and other practices within the KEP House.

  • Regular Eco Workshops raise awareness about sustainable textile practices, waste management, and climate change.

  • The waste fabrics are used for games for children or cushion for dog shelters.



Our Collaborations