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KEP began as a way to empower disadvantaged women in the Izmir area and give them not only the skills they need to secure stable employment, but as a place to foster community, agency, and personal growth.


Our first program began with just 6 women, 5 kids, and a small international team of hard working people who were eager to start something long lasting and impactful. Beginning with our NGO, we offered comprehensive textile training to women to help them cultivate their employable skills. At the same time, empowerment workshops allowed them to build community, improve their interpersonal skills and find a place to express themselves, beyond their outside restrictions and responsibilities.


We wanted KEP to be a place where women could grow professionally and expand their prospects but also as a social space where they could build connections with others in their community.


And it is! KEP has brought women together from all over the world in the spirit of growth, exploration, and mutual uplift. In the KEP house, women learn new skills together while also building social bonds that bring joy and stability to their families and communities. We believe positive impact has no bounds and we have been so proud to see all the growth KEP has fostered. 


To truly create long lasting impact though, we needed something more- a way to provide continual support to women once they completed the course and continue on their journey.