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Who are we?

KEP is an Izmir-based women empowerment NGO dedicated to uplifting disadvantaged groups. Upon seeing the women in our community, so capable but so often overlooked, our founders developed a program to enable these women to build better lives for themselves and their communities, while simultaneously making a positive impact on the Earth. Our unique ethical and environmental approach, employment programs, women empowerment activities, and green textile production program expands opportunities, heightens awareness and cultivates a more equitable and fruitful future for all. 


An expansion of NGO activities, the KEP Social Enterprise was established to produce high quality, ethically manufactured, and ecologically conscious clothing items in collaboration with international businesses. Products are constructed through the Enterprise by women who have completed the NGO training course. The unity of the KEP NGO and Enterprise allows us to provide long-lasting support to women by giving them the opportunity to earn a fair and stable wage while simultaneously continuing their textile education.